Big accident while making a video on Tick Talk

Varanasi, in which 5 friends drowned in the Ganges while dying.  All the boys who died were aged between 15 and 18 years.  It is

being told that this incident occurred while making a video on Tick Talk.  In the investigation till now, the police are denying that the children died while making a tick talk video.  The dead bodies have been taken and sent for post mortem.  The police has also engaged in further investigation.

 According to the information, from the Siphiya Ghat on the Ganga side of the Ramnagar police station area of ​​Varanasi,

there was a shout from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital located nearby when 5 boys drowned in death while taking a bath.  All the boys who died were from 2 areas of Ramnagar area, Wari Gadhi and Siwan and all the school going students are being told.  The boys who died are Fardeen (18), Rehan Khan alias Lucky (15), Tausif (17), Rizwan (16) and Shaif (16).

 The shocking reason behind this painful incident is coming out that all the five boys were deep friends and they were making tick talk videos while taking a bath in the Ganges.  Giving more information about this, Ramnagar Municipality President Rekha Sharma said that all the boys had left the house after having breakfast.  The people at home did not know that they had gone to take a bath in the Ganges.

 Rekha Sharma told that often these boys used to make tick talk videos.  Today, because of the weather being perfect, it would be thoughtful to go and make a tick talk on the banks of the Ganges.  The family of the dying children belongs to a very poor section.  The children’s family works related to weaving of saris.  Apart from studies, children also used to help in their household work.

 A local man Meraj told that all the boys who died were fond of making tick talk videos.  Today, they went to Ganga Ghat and started making tick talk.  Everyone went to bathe in the Ganges while making a tick talk video on the banks of the Ganges and this accident happened.  He further told that despite being locked down, people go out to bathe in the Ganges in secret.

 The brother of one of the dead, Mehtab, said that the talk of tick talk is not right.  They do not even have mobile.  All the Ganges went to take a bath and the five drowned.  At the same time, Circle Incharge Pradeep Singh Chandel of Kotwali Circle said that the youngest boy started drowning while taking bath, in which more boys went to the Ganges to save it and all started drowning.  With the help of divers and police forces, the bodies of the five are being sent for postmortem.  All those who died were boys from 14 years to 18 years old. When the police officer was asked whether bathing in the Ganges is not prohibited in lockdown?  So his reply was that there is no complete lockdown at this time and there is no restriction on people going towards Ganga.  While making the tick talk video, about the incident, CO Pradeep Singh Chandel said that no such thing has been revealed so far and the investigation will be revealed as soon as it is known.

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